Holy Communion is the celebration of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ with us. It is a thankful celebration of our union with Christ in his death and resurrection. We celebrate as we eat and drink the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. We are never worthy enough to receive the benefit of this gift of Body and Blood. It is given to us freely by Jesus so that we may have forg iveness and a new life in Him. The Body of Christ gathers and celebrates around our Lord’s victory over sin and death in the Lord’s Supper.

Trinity opens the Lord’s Table to all members of Christian communities who have the privilege of receiving the Lord’s Supper. Trinity views Jesus as really present in, with, and under the communion elements. We hear Jesus command us to eat and drink his body and blood for the remission of our sins. This meal creates a new covenant with the Triune God. Holy Communion is a foretaste of the feast to come.

Communion procedures are listed in the bulletin for Sunday worship. Individual communion cups or the common cup is available. Grape juice and gluten-wheat-dairy-corn and soy-free wafers are available.

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As children mature and reach approximately third grade, Trinity has an event for instructing children about the Lord’s Supper. After participation in this event, the parents, child and pastor must agree that the child is ready to begin receiving Holy Communion.


A Communion Card should be completed and placed in the offering plate or given to an usher on a regular basis or at least yearly. Visitors are asked to fill out a Communion Card and to include their home church’s name and address on the back.

Trinity celebrates the Lord’s Supper every Sunday.