God’s Littlest Angels

God’s Littlest Angels section of the cemetery at Trinity Lutheran Church was developed at the prompting of Jean Tressler, Trinity member, who experienced the loss of a grandchild who did not survive the birth process. The section was set aside for the use of families from the Eastern Lancaster County area that experienced the tragedy of a stillbirth or late term miscarriage. Partnering with Groff-High-Eckenroth Funeral Home for the preparation for burial, Nolt’s Backhoe Services for the preparation of the grave, and Delp Monument Co. for the personalized marker, God’s Littlest Angels offers families a no-cost option for memorializing their child. Wellspan Ephrata Community Hospital social workers assist with referrals and information for families. Small caskets are hand-made in the Garden Spot Village Retirement Community wood shop.

For more information about this community service, please contact Trinity Lutheran Church at 354-4942 or Groff-High-Eckenroth Funeral Home at 354-0444.